Who’s Really Creating That Energy?

Who is Really Creating That Energy?

Have you ever suddenly found yourself in the middle of an intense storm of emotion that you can’t attribute to anything currently in your life? Maybe you were fine and then all of a sudden, you were highly agitated, rehashing old hurts from high school or worrying intensely about a work project that had been going just fine. These blasts of emotion do often have their origins in something going on in your own life – but sometimes they are also the result of you picking up energy from someone near you.

Identifying Empathic Abilities

If you are an empath and able to pick up on how other people are feeling, you may be subject to these sudden swings. Note that not every swing is someone else’s energy. Don’t mistake clinical depression for picking up someone else’s down energy, for example.

But if you’re confident that the energy has nothing to do with you, or at least not all of the energy, do the following:

  • Tell yourself this isn’t your energy and you don’t have to accept it if you don’t want it. That initial identification often creates a separation between you and the energy.
  • Identify who is really radiating the energy. If you think you know, try to separate yourself from the person. For example, if it’s a co-worker, see if the energy goes away once you go home. If you think it’s from someone far away, try to picture a gulf between you and see the energy stretching and breaking, like a cord. (Now, if the energy is urging you to do something specific, like write a letter to that person, and you know the letter won’t cause trouble, you may want to run with that. Psychic messages aren’t always straightforward.)
  • Set up a mirror shield around yourself. This is a basic psychic exercise that you can use as a defense and as a general protective field. Imagine yourself surrounded by a mirror. It can be in segments or one shiny sheath. Imagine it reflecting back any unwanted energy.
  • Start doing (or keep doing, if this is already something you do) white-light meditations. These are the ones where you breathe deeply to relax and then imagine white light pouring over you and surrounding you. This is a cleansing energy that can also be protective.

If you’re still having issues with random energy taking over your life, a talk with a psychic might be helpful. He or she can help you figure out more ways to block the energy as well as why this particular person might be affecting you. Try setting up a consultation with a psychic so you can regain peace in your life.