Spirit Guides and How They Help You

Everyone has spirit guides; spiritual beings who are with us throughout our lives. Everyone has a spirit guide who is with them from the time they’re born. Others may come into our lives during childhood or adolescence to join our circle and stay with us for life.

How Spirit Guides Can Help You

It’s not necessary to possess psychic abilities to interact with your guides. Your spirit guides are here to help you understand the purpose of your soul. They can assist with any area of your life as long as it’s for the highest good. Your guides can lead you to resources that can help you to attain your life’s goals.

Your guides can offer you peace and comfort when you’re confused or worried. However, they won’t do anything to bring about change in our life unless asked for guidance; doing so goes against free will.

Contacting Your Guides

Speak aloud to your guides about your goals as long as they align with your purpose for the highest good of all. When you address your intentions aloud, your guides will hear you. Some of your energy or life force is transferred to your guides to help you achieve what you want. Everything is made from energy and manifests in the spiritual plane before it becomes a reality in the physical plane. When you get to know your guides, they may help you to manifest what you want in ways that are incredible.

Seeking Guidance

To work with your guides, you must get to know them. You likely want to know personal information about your guides including what their names are and what they look like. Another question a lot of people have when they first make contact with their guides is what other guides they work with.

Learning about your guides is the best way to develop a long-lasting relationship with them. If you’re having problems getting the information you want, have a reading with a psychic who can give you accurate answers about your guides.

Ways Your Guides Contact You

Intuitive ways your guides may contact you are through a song that keeps running through your mind, an inner voice that only you hear, a touch or tingling sensation, or through thoughts. When an odd feeling comes through, it may be followed by a message from your guides.

Guides and Negative Entities

When you get a message from your guides, it will be uplifting, never negative. Your guides won’t dictate how to handle a situation. They offer advice but won’t try to control you. The guides will recommend ways to achieve your goals through a course of action you should take, but they’ll never force you.

If an entity suggests a negative path for you to be the creator of your life, that isn’t one of your guides. Your true spirit guides will never coerce you into action or show anger.

What Your Guides Have To Gain

Most spirit guides have lived a previous incarnation on earth and are on the next stage of their spiritual journey. Working with people helps them to evolve. Your spirit guide only wants what’s best for you because it helps them to move along their spiritual path.

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